Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vegetarian Diet Challenge

Starting tomorrow I'll be on a vegetarian diet for seven days as a challenge. The reason I'm doing this is because my diet has been particularly horrendous as of late and I really think it's time for a change and set my diet back toward a more healthy direction. I've also been eyeing the 3-days juice cleanse for a while now and never had enough gut to actually do it, and this might be a good middle ground.
To prepare for it I've cut up some green and red apple, roasted some zucchini, cooked up some bow-tie pastas, and marinated some mushrooms in my fridge. Also in my fridge are some cherries, organic greek yogurt (I am going ovo-lacto, not vegan), grapefruits, kiwis, a head of lettuce, cucumbers, and a block of tofu. I'll be limiting my caffeine intake of one cup of coffee and a cup of green tea a day. In the following seven days, I'll be posting a daily journal of my progress and my thoughts on the challenge. I'm having a cup of sleepy time herbal tea at the moment and will be heading to bed soon. See you tomorrow.

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