Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day Three and It's All Good.

Another day, another salad.

I woke up on day three of the challenge with a mild headache. It's so mild, in fact, that I tried at first to ignore it entirely. It persisted, however, even after my breakfast of slice of French bread with peanut butter and Hong Kong style milk tea. I also felt a bit tired even though I've just woken up. Then I thought maybe I'm actually dehydrated instead of suffering from lack of caffeine. After a glass of water, the headache slowly went away. I should drink more water, I know, but it's difficult sometimes.
Breakfast, and I really love peanut butter!

For lunch, I put together a salad of sweet peas, potato, pasta, cucumber, and avocado along with a tangy apple cider dressing. Even with the pasta and the potato, it's not quite as filling as I'd hope it would be. So what else but cherries to fill the gap.
I was fully prepared to have curried carrot soup for dinner, but as I am writing this I am feeling pretty sleepy. Since I still don't work tonight I think I am going to catch some sleep. Been thinking about making grilled cheese sandwich with that loaf of French bread as well. Perhaps for tomorrow.
On a side note, I was reading a food blog last night when I came across Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook It's All Good. More precisely, I came across a blogger who tried her no tomato, bread, eggs, milk, other bad foods diet. The author who had tried it for ten days said the recipes were surprisingly delicious. I was thinking the whole time, no bread? no milk? don't think it is ever going to work for me. Thinking more on the topic, however, I think I need to look more into the claim that those foods cause hypersensitivity and allergy. I am prone to some rather dramatic allergic reaction, although thankfully they were never anything life-threatening. Once, I had one of my eye swollen shut completely because I had some strawberries. Another time my back had swollen to twice its normal size and was hellishly itchy just a few hours before I had to board an international flight. Even if I might not be able to convert completely, it would be worth looking into.

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