Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day Four and work.

I still don't think I'm drinking enough water. Woke up this morning with another mild headache that was easily remedied by a glass of water. I was also ravenously hungry and quickly made myself a cheese sandwich with mayonnaise and brava sauce. I was going to do some reading after that, but half an hour later and I was hungry again. I was really craving some kind of soup with a thin broth, like chicken noodle soup, or noodle with broth. Or maybe I was just craving carbohydrate and a savory broth. I was battling with myself whether I really wanted to order a breakfast from my local restaurant that comes with a bowl of noodle, usually egg and ham, and a hot drink. Usually, this is where my will fail me and I would order the breakfast and then proceed to eat everything since I've already fallen off the wagon. Today however, I dug through my fridge and cabinet and came away with a bowl of miso soup with cubed potato in it. That certainly helped my resolve and I am back on track. Today is going to be a short day since I have to work tonight and will be heading to bed early. Thinking about ordering inari and egg sushi for dinner tonight before I head into work, then maybe I'll actually get the curried carrot soup made.
Well, reached the half way point and I think I'm doing pretty good so far. Three more days to go.

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