Monday, September 9, 2013

Day four? five? I am confused.

First thing first, I cheated, with an unagi sushi.
So I asked my mother who was going out and was going to pass by a sushi restaurant to pick up a few nigiri sushi for me. She knew that I was on a vegetarian diet, and I asked specifically for no fish or meat. What do my lovely mother do in this case? Naturally, she picked up a variety pack with salmon, shellfish, and unagi(freshwater eel, my absolute favorite). There were a couple of gunkanmaki topped with goma wakame(seaweed salad), and a tamago nigiri(egg sushi). Granted, she was going to eat those salmon nigiri herself, and the only reason why she got the pack with the unagi nigiri was because she knew it was my favorite. So I wasn't going to say anything about it. After some contemplation and some internal struggling, I ate it anyway. It was very good, but I've never felt so guilty having a unagi nigiri sushi. Oh well, I'm going to chalk it up as a slip up and continue on.
Another thing is I am not ever sure whether I should cal this the continuation of day four or just call this day five. Well, since I cheated, part two of day four it is then. For the rest of the night, I finally made myself that curried carrot soup I've been thinking about making for a couple of days now. Beside that I'm probably going to have another sweet peas salad with avocado, depends on how hungry I feel.

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