Monday, January 21, 2013

An update on nails.

First off, this is a picture of my nail after ten days of wear, with five days of work.
Notice the gap between my nail bed and the actual polish? That was one of the reasons of me taking off the GelColor. The other reason being boredom. I was ready to see my real nails again after a week and a half. One thing I've never really realized was just how slow my nails grow. There was this the one time when I was on a trip for a whole month and had hardly needed to cut them whereas my friend who was with me had to cut hers twice in that same time period. I just chalked it up to hers growing abnormally fast, now that I've looked it up and with evidence right in front of me, the abnormal one seems to be me and not her. In my opinion, the GelColor wore like steel. As promised there was no chipping whatsoever. I was quite surprised. The shine, as well, lasted through the whole time.
Now, onto the taking off process. Because of how well it stayed on, it was a bit difficult to take off. All in all, it took me about an hour and a half of soaking and scraping to get them all off. There are supposedly easier ways to do it. For examples, go to a salon and have them take it off for you. But I opted for the home version, and here is what I did.
Step 1 - Soaked cotton balls with acetone based nail remover (100% acetone works better and faster, but I didn't have them on hand).
Step 2 - wrapped my cotton balled nails with tin foil.
Step 3 - wait 15-20 minutes.
Step 4 - Removed the foil and the cotton ball, use a blunt cuticle pusher to push the polish off.
Here is a picture of Step 2
I only managed to snap one picture of the removing process, but let me tell you, the aftermath on my desk was not pretty. It stunk of lavender laced heavier with acetone (my nail remover was lavender scented, why? I couldn't tell you.) With tin foil and cotton balls, along with pieces of soaked and scraped off polish strewn everywhere. I recommended laying down a piece of newspaper or plastic cover before attempting it at home. I certainly would the next time I do this.
I do intend to get the GelColor again in the future. Perhaps in some subtler nude color over the dramatic dark color. I figure the growth would be less obvious, and maybe I won't get bored with it as easily.

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