Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My days without caffeine

I am very much a coffee person. I complain about Starbucks even though I lived around Seattle for years. I order caramel macchiato at Starbucks even though I complain about their coffee. I know about some of the lesser known coffee spots in the city, and when given the chance, I try to avoid Starbucks. Because their coffee tastes more like milk with a dash of coffee than actual coffee. (See! That's me complaining about them, even though I just had a coffee from them yesterday and know every barista at the stall near my work place.)
But this post isn't about my coffee habit, it's about how I have to do without it for the next few days. For some medical reason or another, since I do not feel like divulging my medical history on the internet, I have to refrain from having any caffeinated drink for the next week or so.
My initial reaction was that it would never happen, and so I promptly asked my doctor a multitude of questions. Can I have one a day? Does that even count? Maybe I can just skip the milk in the latte and have an espresso? How long does it have to be? Can it be five days instead of seven? When all those questions were answered with less than favorable answers, I changed tactic. What about tea? Maybe just an English Breakfast with a dash of milk and some honey? Really, not even tea? Then again, the answers were not what I wanted.
Thus began my days without my daily cup of coffee. I also have to keep my diet generally bland, but that in comparison was a lot easier than the lack of coffee. I didn't even count myself as a caffeine addict since I always thought that because I only drink one cup a day, that can't be count as an addiction. I am beginning to  realize how wrong I was.
We'll see if I last through the week, and if I do I'll do an update of how it went.

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