Monday, August 20, 2012

A bit of an introduction

Some of my friends who have known me for a while know that I write. I've been writing since High School, and my topics cover just about everything. From practical journalism pieces for school paper, to semi-correct research paper that's really boring, to ridiculous story that I'm too embarrassed to even tell my friends about. 
I've entertained the idea of starting a blog, since writing has become one of my favorite pastime. But then I have no idea what to write about, or if my writing is even half decent so as not to embarrass myself all over the internet. So I've thought about it, then did little about the idea. That's until recently.
I was recently informed of a Master's degree from HKU for people who are interested in creative writing. I've looked into it, then thought more about further education in the field of English and writing; international journalism, perhaps, or screenplay writing. Then I talked to a friend at work. He was trying to get his book published, a non-fiction he has been writing for the better part of a year about finance, and was complaining about the difficulties of finding someone who is willing to publish his book. We then started talking more about it, and he mentioned blogging. It was then that I started thinking about starting a blog, again.
I've blogged, however briefly, about beauty and fashion. And I've since discovered that those are not exactly something that I can keep on writing week in week out. I've also thought about blogging about current issues and social commentaries, a la The Libertines Pub, but that might be a little too heavy for my taste. I tend toward the melancholy anyway, and tackling heavy weight issues like the Hong Kong government policy might be a bit out of my league as of now. So I might write about some fashion, some beauty, some personal observations, and some general non-sense. Consider this your warning, there might be a lot of general nonsensical entries ahead. Read at your own risk!

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